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Many people and businesses in and around Orlando are known for their generous support of worthy causes. This says a lot about the nurturing culture of our area and goes hand in hand with Equine Angels Foundations mission of nurturing the spirit and well-being of children in need and rescuing horses from neglect. Consistent to this mission, every penny generously donated to Equine Angels is used to advance the efficacy of our programs and immeasurably brings joy to the children and horses who are reached through your giving.


It is our sincere hope that you will consider supporting Equine Angels now and in the future. All monetary donations to our 501c3 non-profit foundation are tax-deductible and can be made through our website, or mailed to:


Equine Angels Foundation
7167 Foster Lane
Orlando, FL 32818


During this season of counting our many blessings, the leadership and staff of Equine Angels are proud to have the support of so many people. Indeed, it continues to be an incredible experience to partner with individuals and businesses in the community who support our mission of serving children in need through horse-related activities.


Your partnership with Equine Angels is not only integral to the success of our non-profit foundation, now and in the future, but it is of central importance to the lives of the children and families we serve. Every penny generously given, every person freely volunteering their time, and each service or supply contributed to the foundation goes directly to advancing our ongoing effort and commitment to bettering the lives of these children.


The true reward for your much needed support and giving lies in the thumping heartbeats, infectious laughter, and stunning smiles of these worthy children who absolutely love being around horses. Having said that important note, there are three main ways of giving to Equine Angels.

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Our foundation relies heavily on a wonderful variety of volunteers. In a day and age when everything is so fast paced, why not come on out and get a breath of fresh air. Partner up with one of the children we serve for an hour or so, or however long you can stand some relaxation. Horse knowledge is not mandatory. A willingness to open up your heart and have some fun is all that is asked.


If you are interested in volunteering please contact us. If horses aren’t your thing, no problem, we could also use help with a variety of other ranch tasks that are equally important to the development of our ranch facility. Once again, satisfaction comes through the knowledge that you are making an indelible contribution which positively impacts the lives of deserving children.


Equine Angels Gifts-in-Kind program integrates your organizations donated products or services with our ongoing ranch development program. As an organization dedicated to creating lasting change for children in need within the Orlando community, Gifts-in-Kind are important to Equine Angels and make a significant contribution to our meaningful program for children.

Equine Angels community presence provides a great opportunity for companies, small businesses, and individuals to employ their unique skills or assets to support our foundations mission. Equine Angels defines a Gift-in-Kind as a non-cash donation of a good or service. Whether it involves donating — safety helmets, horse tack, farm equipment, building materials, or consultation, all of which are essential, your Gift-in-Kind truly allows us to make an impact in the community.

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